Welcome to the Royal Pride Cattery, home of an exotic Cats. We are small family based Cattery from the very heart of Europe located in Ukraine, Kyiv. Royal Pride Cattery home of happy Cats.

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Savannah F1, female, “Belle”

Savannah F1, female, “Belle”

Savannah F1 girl “Belle”, DOB 22.03.2020. Beautiful golden girl, very big ears and long legs. Perfect character and highly socialized.…

About the Cattery Royal Pride Cats

The Royal Pride Cats cattery is a large family where cats and humans coexist. In our Cattery, kittens grow directly with us, we do not involve strangers in the upbringing and care. Royal Pride Cats Cattery – family Cattery.

Our Cattery specializes in breeding the rarest breed Savannah F1, and Caracal. The Royal Pride Cats cattery is one of the few cattery which managed to get a real treasure in the world of cats – Savannah F1.

Royal Pride Cats Cattery is a unique example of the fact that work and love are capable of anything.