The Royal Pride Cats Cattery is a small family based Cattery located in very heart of Europe, Ukraine, Kyiv. The Royal Pride Cats cattery is a large family in which cats and humans exist together in friendly environment . Our cats grow and live with us, in constant communication with humans. Our cats are highly socialized and human orientation. We do not chase the quantity, because the more cats, the less attention is paid to them.

Kittens in our cattery grow directly with us, we do not involve strangers in the upbringing and care. Royal Pride Cats Cattery is a family cattery. Our cattery specializes in breeding the rarest cats breed Savannah F1, and Caracal. The Royal Pride Cats Cattery is one of the few catties which managed to breed a unique cats, real treasure of the cats world – Savannah F1. Royal Pride Cats Cattery is a unique example that work and love can do anything

We take great care of our cats.

We have excellent conditions for our cats, the total area of open and closed enclosures is more than 250 square meters. Our pets have a constant opportunity to walk in the fresh air in comfortable outdoor enclosures. We constantly communicate with our pets, our cats do not spend their time sitting in cages, they are full members of the family. Indoor and outdoor enclosure are equipped with all necessary equipment for cats, toys.

We use only proven natural products. Natural food of high quality prevails in the diet of our pets; we personally choose food suppliers for our pets, excluding large retailers. Cat food is provided by farmers and is environmentally friendly and healthy. Our cats regularly receive vitamins and proper care. In our cattery we use specialized vitamins for wild cats from leading manufacturers in the USA and Europe.

We carry out daily sanitary treatment of enclosures. In our cattery, cats undergo regular preventive medical examinations by a qualified staff veterinarian. Which excludes the appearance of infections and parasites. We regularly vaccinate our pets using the best vaccines.

How to buy kitten? Delivery.

We delivers worldwide, whatever you live in the world we will deliver you kitten as soon as possible. We provide kittens with all necessary documents including Cites. Our cat are TiCa registered and you will get all paperwork’s you requested. Both delivery by qualified couriers and personal delivery by the breeder are available. Also, our customers can always come to our cattery, and we will be happy to show our kittens and the conditions of adult cats. Our cattery is open to customers. Our clients are our friends, we are always ready to support you with advice and share our experience in raising cats throughout the life of a pet

Our cattery is widely represented on social networks, and you can choose your kitten. We are doing everything necessary to make this day an unforgettable holiday for you and your family. We will be glad to our customers.